International Cooperation (English)

We offer our services to journalists from abroad and we are open for international cooperation. So we are lucky if we can help and assist you in your investigations and reporting.

We have good track record in working with hidden cameras, in investigating cons and fraud as well in covering consumer stories. Founder Marcus Lindemann is teaching investigatvie reporting and specialised in searching the web and databases. He is an active member of netzwerk recherche and well connected with colleagues all over the world via the Global Investigaive Journalism Network (GIJN). Among the services we can provide to you are:

  • Getting documents from German Business Houses (Handelsregister), checking names, adresses and birthdates (Einwohnermeldeamt), business registration (Gewerbeamt), land ownership (Grundbuch) and so on. If you are in doubt what information is available, contact us, we will be able to give you a quick response on what is available and how much of an effort that might be.
  • Getting data: We can advise you on what data is available and how to get it. If scraping is to be involved we’ll bring you into contact with some excellent programmers.
  • Filing FOI requests (and similar legal instruments) and advisory on this.
  • Finding cases, sources and experts
  • Stinger services in Germany
  • Providing hidden camera equipment, camera teams, editing facilities in the centre of Berlin.
  • Starting cross border reporting projects

For all this please contact Marcus on lindemann (at) Simple things as standard enquiries or general advise will be free of charge. If it is getting more complicated or if external costs are involved we will give you an estimate.